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WhatsApp Status Saver is an app to download Whatsapp status easily. You can post status on WhatsApp. But, in default, they don’t provide an option to download WhatsApp status. So, you can use this App to download WhatsApp status.

How to download WhatsApp status on Android?

Method 1:
1 Open WhatsApp and see if there any status.
2 Open status saver and choose the Status you want to download.
3 Click the save button to download.

Method 2:
1 Check for status/story in WA.
2 Hold on the Story you want to download, and a toolbar will appear.
3 Select the SAVE button to download.

So, If you used the above steps, the status would import into your gallery. So, you can share and use it as you like.

This app can show you status from 4 various Apps/Environments.
It can extract status from:
1) Original WhatsApp,
2) G.B WhatsApp,
3) WhatsApp for Business,
4) Parallel Space Pro.



1 Save, Delete, Repos, Share multiple stories at the same time.
2 Repost any status without even saving it.
3 Quick saving features.
4 Built-in video player, a status viewer to play and check status quickly.
5 Easy to use and control.


Besides, this app has a clean and user-friendly UI. So, it makes the app easy-to-use for anyone.

So, now you will be able to download almost any WhatsApp story from your related ones and save on your memory. The app is entirely free to use. However, they show some advertisements on the app. But, it is fair enough they also make some revenue from their ads while providing a great app like the status saver APK.


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