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How to install FlightGear - Flight Simulator?

1. Download the ZIP file.

2. Download WinRar or any "unzipper application " supported for your device.

3. Find the folder where the downloaded ZIP is located and select it.

4. Extract the ZIP file to any location of your device.

5. Click the setup file or APK and follow the introduction to install it.

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What is FlightGear?

FlightGear Flight Simulator is an open-source flight simulation game. It was founded in 1997. A worldwide group of volunteers develops FlightGear, brought together by a shared ambition to create the most realistic flight simulator possible that is free to use, modify and distribute.

Features of FlightGear:

  1. More than 400 aircrafts to choose from.

2. A worldwide scenery database.

3. A multi-player environment.

4. Detailed sky modelling.

5. A flexible and open aircraft modelling system.

6. Varied networking options.

7. Multiple display support. (current standing record: 10 on a single PC)

8. A powerful scripting language and an open architecture.

9. It is Open-Source. The community owns the simulator, and everyone is encouraged to contribute.

10. Highly Configurable.

11. You can join the FlightGear forum community and share your ideas, thoughts about the game.

FlightGear in Other Languages

English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian

Download FlightGear

You can download FlightGear by clicking the download button. You can request the updated version (if there is any update available)/ report if the link is not working by clicking on the report button.


source: sourceforge.net

FlightGear is an awesome game with beautiful graphics and with a large number of aircraft and maps. So, download FlightGear now and comment your thoughts in the comment section.

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