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Jul 18, 2023
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Dead Target, developed by VNG games studios, is an action-packed shooting game set in the year 2040, where the world is on the brink of destruction due to World War 3. Amidst the chaos, a deadly virus has turned most of humanity into zombies, and the remaining survivors are fighting for their lives. Players take on the role of a brave hero whose mission is to fight against the zombie apocalypse and save mankind.

The game features a captivating storyline, which is vital for an engaging gaming experience. In Dead Target, players must combat various types of zombies, including formidable Zombie Bosses that require strategic planning and powerful weapons to defeat.

For those seeking a more enhanced experience, the Dead Target MOD APK is available. This modified version offers unlimited gold, enabling players to purchase powerful weapons and boosters without any restrictions. Additionally, the annoying ads that might interrupt gameplay have been removed.

To collect gold in the game, players need to score headshots on zombies, and participating in missions and quests will also reward them with various resources.

Features of Dead Target game:

1. 3D Graphics and UI: The game boasts immersive 3D graphics with a user-friendly interface. Players must aim for the right parts of zombies, such as the head and chest, to collect gold while being cautious of zombie attacks.

2. Powerful Weapons: To combat the diverse types of zombies, players can acquire a variety of powerful weapons using the gold they collect during gameplay.

3. Multiple Boosters: The game includes Zombie Bosses that require boosters to defeat. These boosters enhance weapon attacks, increase shooting speed, and create powerful blasts to take out large groups of zombies.

4. Engaging Quests: Players can participate in various in-game missions and quests, defeating powerful Zombie Bosses and earning rewards.

Features of Dead Target MOD APK:

1. Unlimited Gold: The MOD APK version provides players with unlimited gold to freely purchase weapons and boosters at any point in the game. Additionally, the version is ad-free for an uninterrupted experience.

In conclusion, Dead Target offers an exhilarating gaming experience with a gripping storyline and challenging gameplay. To conquer the hordes of zombies and powerful Zombie Bosses, players can use the MOD APK version to acquire unlimited gold and unleash the full potential of their arsenal. Embark on a thrilling journey to save humanity from the zombie apocalypse!


Q. How many ranks are there in Dead Target?

Dead Target features approximately 50 ranks.

Q. Does Dead Target require an internet connection?

Yes, Dead Target is an online game that requires an internet connection to play.



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