Best Battery Tracking App Android 2020

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Best Battery Tracking App for Android [Updated 2020]

You may need to use your mobile phone for a few more hours. But, what if your battery says NO! So, we need to find a suitable battery tracking app to find the reason to fast battery drain. Then, we can use that information to improve battery life. We found the best battery tracking app for Android.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best android apps to improve/track/save the battery life of your android mobile phone.

  1. AccuBattery
  2. GSam Battery Monitor
  3. Kaspersky Battery Life
  4. GO Battery Pro
  5. Battery Tools & Widget for Android


accubattery - best battery tracking app android

It can measure actual battery usage using many different parameters. According to them, Android calculates battery usage using pre-baked profiles that device manufacturers provide, which can be highly inaccurate.

With AccuBattery, you can know how much each app uses, how long your battery will remain, know charge speed, use charge alarm feature, use dark mode, etc. So, it is a great app to track the battery.

GSam Battery Monitor

Gsam is one of the best battery tracking application. It has a feature called battery sucker which helps for hunting the apps that cause to drain the battery fast. If you install this app, you can see the battery state and time left in the notification bar. 

Another useful thing is, you can find historical reports that help to know how long does your battery usually last. Therefore, we can use those metrics to improve its life by finding the reasons for fast battery draining.

This app is available in 18+ different languages. So, it is excellent if you are not a native English person. Also, it is way more potent than many other apps you can find from the Google PlayStore.

Kaspersky Battery Life – Best Battery Tracking App Android

Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky is a leading company in the Antivirus software industry. So, no doubts! Kaspersky Battery Life is one of the BEST apps because it is entirely free. Also, they update their app on time to improve their performance. It has NO ADS (Ads Free).

Here you can say what users think about it:

user review
Source: Google Play

This person is satisfied after using Kaspersky app. It is not just a battery tracking app. While checking what the reasons for fast battery draining are, you can use the same app to save/optimise the battery. It also securely protect your private data. Therefore, we highly recommend using Kaspersky Battery Life as your battery tracking app.

GO Battery Pro

GO Battery Pro

Go Battery Pro is another useful app for consumption tracking. It comes with four battery saver options to save your battery. It can monitor all the apps that while no use and remind users about high power consumption apps.

Other features are the same as other apps mentioned above. However, Kaspersky battery life and AccuBattery is a few more steps ahead from this app. So, you can decide which app to download. According to our test, this app is still under development, and we can expect more updates in the future.

Battery Tools & Widget for Android

Battery Tools & Widget for Android

Battery Tools can show many details about your battery and its usage. You can use this app to check battery temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, battery voltage, battery technology, power profile with graph, adjust optimisation options, etc.

Especially it only needs 2% of battery consumption to analyse the battery. It is good because many battery tracking apps are using high consumption in the analysation process.

So, Battery Tools & Widget for Android is another useful app for battery tracking and saving.

Final Words & Tips About the Best Battery Tracking App Android

  • Choose the best app from the list above.
  • Don’t use more than one battery tracking apps at the same time.
  • Try to choose an app that doesn’t use WIFI or internet connection while monitoring the battery. ( Ex: Kaspersky Battery Life )
  • Don’t overuse. Try to use the app one time per day because those apps also consume your battery.
  • Use an app like AVG Cleaner Pro to protect your device from viruses and as an all in one solution to improve the battery life.





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